Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Choice of Violence

Ben Sira, in the book sometimes known as Ecclesiasticus, says this about the freedom of choice:
Do not say, 'The Lord was responsible for my sinning,'
for he does not do what he hates.
Do not say, 'It was he who led me astray,'
for he has no use for a sinner.
The Lord hates all that is foul,
and no one who fears him will love it either.
He himself made human beings in the beginning,
and then left them free to make their own decisions.
If you choose, you will keep the commandments
and so be faithful to his will.
He has set fire and water before you;
put out your hand to whichever you prefer.
A human being has life and death before him;
whichever he prefers will be given him.
He never commanded anyone to be godless,
he has given no one permission to sin.
~Sirach 15: 11-17, 20

Violence has no excuse when human imagination and creativity can find alternatives. God's healing power is upon the wounded of Boston.



  1. Do you include verbal violence when you say that,

    "Violence has no excuse when human imagination and creativity can find alternatives."?

  2. I think I do, Robin. Verbal violence, or abuse, especially when directed with malice can have wounding effects as long-lasting as physical violence. Spiritual teacher Sister Jose Hobday is the source for my suggestion that human imagination is the greatest resource for identifying options.